Adult World Premiere: Tribeca Film Festival

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A college graduate with dreams of being a poet ends up working at an adult bookstore - welcome to Adult World, a new film, from director Scott Coffey, which is among the slate of amazing offerings premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Says Coffey, "This is the first time any audience is going to see the movie, so it's a big night."

A big night it was, for a movie packed with big stars, including John Cusack, Cloris Leachman and Emma Roberts as Amy, the aspiring poet finding her way in the real world of Adult World.

"The cast is the movie. The cast informed the movie and is just amazing. They really are wonderful," says Coffey.

Among the talented cast, Raising Hope's Shannon Woodward, who had a blast with her role as Amy's colorful confidant: "I play Emma's best friend who's kind of obnoxious, like sweet and goodhearted but like kind of the friend that you have in college where you're just like, ugh. It's kind of like that, so it's fun."

And the coming-of-age comedy is not without its share of unexpected twists, according to actress Jo Mei: "I'm playing Yumi who comes in at apparently the end of the movie, and my presence is a definite surprise to Emma's character."

A common sentiment among the red carpet cohorts? There's no place they'd rather be for the debut of Adult World than the Tribeca Film Festival.

"The Tribeca Film Festival is the perfect place for this movie to premiere. We shot in upstate New York and I'm from New York. I live here, I spend a lot of time here," says Coffey.

Mei adds, "It's one of the best festivals in the U.S., and the support that the festival gives and the amount of work that's shown is just amazing, so it's such a privilege to be here."

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