Catching Dust Stars Erin Moriarty and Jai Courtney at Tribeca Film Festival Premiere

The drama marks screenwriter Stuart Gatt’s directorial debut

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

June 17, 2023

Erin Moriarty, Jai Courtney, and screenwriter/director Stuart Gatt hit the red carpet for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Catching Dust on Sunday in New York City.

Moriarty plays Geena, a woman who chooses to finally leave her criminal husband, Clyde (Courtney), and their isolated Texas hideout. "She is a young woman who has grown up in south Texas in an environment that has essentially conditioned her into believing that the role of a woman in her community is to be of value as a wife,” said Moriarty. "Whether you are from a small community like hers or somewhere like here, when it comes to other pressures put on women, the story is relatable for women everywhere."

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