Charlize Theron Wows at the 'Young Adult' Premiere

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The new dark comedy, brought to you by screenwriter Diablo Cody and Director Jason Reitman, (also responsible for the quirky hit, 'Juno,') is about a former popular girl who returns to her hometown to wreak havoc.

'I play a character who has kind of emotionally gone through an arrested development...and decides to go back and rescue her high school boyfriend,' says Theron.

The Oscar-winner plays Mavis, an author of teen literature, who heads back to her small hometown in Minnesota, looking to relive her glory days.The problem is...her high school flame is happily married to his wife Beth, played by Elizabeth Reaser, who also stars in the Twilight saga.

'I think it's really interesting to see a woman who is lost, who is chasing these empty ideas of happiness' Says Reaser.

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