Isla Fisher and Jillian Bell Redefine the Fairytale Ending in Godmothered

The magical new Disney film shows your happily ever after is whatever you want it to be

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

December 3, 2020

In this modern-day fairy tale, a godmother-in-training is tasked with taking on a widowed adult woman with two children to prove that godmothers are still needed. While Jillian Bell joined the Disney film to fulfill her dream of playing a magical being as the Godmother, Isla Fisher who plays opposite her says she took on the role partly because of her daughters.

“I felt the message in the story was so much more inclusive and modern than a lot of the fairy tales you know one tells as a parent,” said Fisher, “I just love the fact that this is a story that says your idea of happily ever after is whatever you want it to be.”

You can stream on Disney+ starting December 4. 

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