James Franco Reveals His Dark Side in Child of God

The talented actor-director opens up about adapting Cormac McCarthy's chilling novel

From the LifeMinute team

July 30th, 2014

James Franco donned his director's hat for the red carpet premiere of Child of God at New York City's Tribeca Grand Hotel. Franco and the film's star Scott Haze have taken Cormac McCarthy's grim novel to the big screen.

"As a director, I have learned that I work best with adaptation," says Franco, a self-proclaimed "huge fan" of the author, "When I get the opportunity to get to adapt a book that I love, you know, I try to take it."

"It's a very dark film," Franco adds, "It's about a guy out in the woods alone, and he is kind of cast out of civilized society. He's got the basic human need to connect with another person; it's just that he is incapable of doing it with a live person."

The story, set in Tennessee in the 1960s, sees the degradation of Lester Ballard as he descends into solitude living in a cave.

Scott Haze had no reservations about taking on the role. "I moved from Los Angeles to Tennessee, and I spent a lot of time researching that area, learning the accent and living in that town," he says.

The dedicated actor even moved into a cave for a month prior to shooting to experience the total isolation his character endures.

Bernadette Peters came out to support Franco who actually makes a cameo in the movie as well. "I'm just here to see James Franco's wonderful work," shared the legendary star of stage and screen, "He's a very kind person, [a] charitable person, besides good looking, so he's got it all, I guess."

Catch the chilling film in theaters now.

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