Kieran Culkin, Jennifer Grey, Will Sharpe, and Jesse Eisenberg Star in A Real Pain about a family coming to terms with their family history  

Eisenberg, who also wrote and directed the film, says he originally was going to take the lead role, but his wife and sister urged him it had to be Succession star Culkin

From The LifeMinute.TV Team

January 20, 2024

Jesse Eisenberg was going to play the lead in the film he wrote and directed surrounding the Majdanek concentration camp in present-day Poland, but says both his sister and wife agreed after reading the first 20 pages of the script that it HAD to be Succession’s, Kieran Culkin.

A Real Pain explores the generational trauma of a family’s history when they visit the camp. The film also stars Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey and White Lotus star Will Sharpe.

Eisenberg says he hopes people find humor in the comedy/drama and they realize what actually happened on this hallowed ground. 

Emma Stone produced the film.

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