Miss Meadows World Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival

The film's star Katie Holmes dishes about the dark comedy

From the Lifeminute team

April 21st, 2014

Miss Meadows stars Katie Holmes and James Badge Dale took to the red carpet for the movie's world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Producer Rob Carliner says of Miss Meadows, "It's an incredible ride. Katie plays a substitute teacher-turned-vigilante, and she's amazing."

For Holmes, it was the story that drew her to the role. "I was really attracted to this project because Karen Leigh Hopkins wrote a really great script. And we spoke on the phone, and her vision for the project was something that I thought was unique and exciting," the actress explains.

Holmes' co-star James Badge Dale teases romance in the film as well, sharing, "I play the sheriff in the town that Katie is living in, and she's been righting wrongs or wronging rights -- however you want to look at it -- and we kind of fall for each other."

As for her extreme character, Holmes adds, "She's a little funny, but she believes in something, and she stays true to what she believes in. And we watch her take that journey. And I gravitate towards seeing strong female characters and playing them. ... She doesn't take herself too seriously, but she believes in what she is doing, and I think you could say that about a lot of women."

And Holmes couldn't be happier to have Miss Meadows premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. "I love this festival," says Holmes, "I am so honored to have a film here. It's a beautiful night, and it's cool to be in New York."

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