New Movies: Army of the Dead, Four Good DaysThe Dry, American Fighter, and Seance

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From the LifeMinute.TV Team

May 21, 2021

Director Zach Snyder's Army of the Dead is a thriller that follows a ragtag group of mercenaries led by Dave Bautista, as they infiltrate the now zombie-infested city of Las Vegas. Their mission is to retrieve 200 million dollars left behind in a casino vault before the government deploys nukes on the city. Needless to say, they hit a few snags along the way.

Four Good Days, directed by Rodrigo Garcia and starring Glenn Close and Mila Kunis, is a drama based on Eli Saslow's 2016 Washington Post article depicting drug addiction in the United States.

From Australia comes The Dry starring Eric Bana, who plays federal agent Aron Falk. Bana returns to his hometown after 20 years to investigate the suicide of Luke, an old friend who murdered his family after falling prey to the "madness" gripping the area after a decade of drought. As Bana digs deeper, he realizes this crime may be connected to an older crime, the murder of his friend Ellie played by BeBe Bettencourt. He begins to think the two crimes may be related and races to prove not only Luke's innocence but also his own.

The action film American Fighter, starring George Kosturos, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Tommy Flanagan brings the viewer into the brutal world of underground fighting. Kosturos plays an all-American wrestler forced to fight in order to make money to save his gravely ill mother. Flanery and Flanagan take the young upstart under their wings and train him to become a fearsome combatant. 

Seance is a horror movie by Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa. It follows a group of teenage girls at an elite boarding school, who convince the new girl Camille Meadows (Suki Waterhouse) to take part in a late-night ritual to conjure the spirit of a dead former student who supposedly walks the halls of the school.

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