Robin Wright on Human Resilience and Learning to Survive in the Wilderness for Her Directorial Debut, Land

The actress does double-duty starring and directing the film about a woman’s journey with grief which leads her to a life in the wild of the Rockies

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

February 12, 2021

Golden Globe award-winner, Robin Wright makes her directorial debut in Land, which she also stars in. The actress turned director plays Edee Mathis, a lawyer who after suffering a horrible tragedy, leaves her life and retreats to an isolated cabin in the Rockies. Wright says she wants the film to show the journey of grief, human resilience and the need for each other. 

“I’m hoping that the movie shows …the power of human resilience through difficult times.”

Besides getting her feet wet in the director’s chair, she also learned a little about living in the Canadian Rockies, where the film took place. “I learned how to chop wood and skin a deer and people ask .. Could you go off the grid and survive in the wilderness? Yes (I) probably could, would not choose to do so, but I probably could after this film.”

As for working with the cast, she says, “When you're in front of the camera and behind the camera you absolutely have to have a strong team surrounding you and boy did I … I had a great group of people.”

See the film in theaters starting today.

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