Steve Buscemi Gets Support from Richard Gere at Tribeca Film Festival Premiere of His New Movie The Listener 

Buscemi put on his director hat for the drama about a night in the life of a mental health helpline volunteer

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

June 17, 2023

Steve Buscemi debuted his latest directorial work, The Listener, at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday in New York City. Actors Richard Gere and Stephanie Szostak came out to support Buscemi and the film, which takes a tense look into a night in the life of a mental health helpline volunteer. We chat with the director about the film, starring Tessa Thompson.

We asked Buscemi how he takes care of his own mental health. “I do yoga; I go for walks; I meditate; I’m lucky to be in a good relationship where we can talk openly and freely. I have great friends,” he said. “In the past, I have been in therapy. I'm not in therapy now, but that's been really helpful to me.”

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