Into the Storm Premiere Takes NYC

Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies and Matt Walsh talk about their twister-chasing characters and a much less stormy life on set

From the LifeMinute team

Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh and the rest of the cast of Into the Storm gave us a glimpse into New Line Cinema's action-packed flick at the film's red carpet premiere in New York City.

Told through the perspective of courageous townspeople and fearless storm chasers, Into the Storm takes you straight into the eye of deadly tornadoes that rock the small Midwestern town of Silverton.
Richard Armitage plays high school teacher Gary. "He goes from being a very ordinary everyday guy to, you know, by the end of the day, he's become a hero," shares Armitage.
Sarah Wayne Callies' character Allison also finds herself facing the storm head on. "My character is a working mom," says the actress, "She's been hired by a group of storm chasers to get them into the heart of a tornado and help them find it."
Unlike his co-stars, Matt Walsh plays a veteran storm chaser, Pete, who has been on the hunt for twisters for twenty years. "He has this kickass truck he designed called the Titus," Walsh says, "He's losing his money and he's at wit's end."
But despite the intense scenes, the cast kept it lighthearted on set. Walsh says it was "Super fun, really sweet. We had a good time in Michigan."
Armitage and Wayne Callies even got goofy on set, "I remember sitting in a weather van with Richard, and I looked at Richard, and he went 'Yeah, I smell like a sheep,' and we just sort of started going 'Baaaa Baaaa,'" Wayne Callies says.
"We found ourselves bonding together, which is what happens to a community when a storm hits like this," says Armitage.
Check out Into the Storm in theaters now.
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