Zendaya, John David Washington, Salma Hayek, Owen Wilson and More in Movies Out Today

Films about relationships and real moments in history

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

February 5, 2021

Relationships and realities are put to the test in movies out this weekend. Both Bliss and Malcolm & Marie deal with couples, Zendaya & John David Washington and Salma Hayek & Owen Wilson face romantic reckonings after revelations are brought to light. Critical times in history are at the forefront in Dara of Jasenovac and Son of the South which take place in the Holocaust and Civil Rights era respectively. And in a more lighthearted film, The Right One, a woman wonders who the “over-the-top” man she is falling in love with, really is.

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Malcolm & Marie
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Dara of Jasenovac
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Son of the South
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The Right One
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