Alt-Rock Godfather Perry Farrell

New box set, Lollapalooza plans, and the secrets to a successful life 

by Joann Butler 

May 17, 2021

Most know Perry Farrell as the charismatic influential singer/songwriter and frontman of 90's alternative rock powerhouse bands Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros, or as the mastermind behind the wildly successful musical traveling circus, Lollapalooza. Others simply call him the “godfather of alternative rock.” Farrell sat down with LifeMinute.TV  from his home in LA recently, to talk about among other things, his massive new retrospective box set of material, The Glitz; The Glamour.  He’s also releasing new music from his orchestra Kind Heaven this month. 

Like so many of his contemporaries, forced into a holding pattern during the pandemic,  it’s provided time that might not have otherwise been available to go back and examine the wealth of recordings in his archives and compile them into this limited-edition box set available on both compact disc and vinyl. The set is a veritable treasure trove, a 35-year retrospective of his life, music and art that looks outside the works of Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros – focusing on 68 tracks worth of his alt rock rarities and explorations. From his first band Psi Com in the early 80's all the way to 2019's Kind Heaven on which he collaborated with his wife, Etty Lau Farrell. 

The sheer scope of this project is almost overwhelming. It’s available (your choice) via six CD's or nine vinyl albums, a hardcover book of photography, a Blu-ray disc featuring Dolby Atmos audio mixes and downloadable exclusives, 2 pieces of original art by Zoltar, and other goodies.  

Beyond the box set, Farrell graciously opens up on a myriad of subjects ranging from his early upbringing, to his musical influences, secrets for a successful marriage (now going on 20 years) and raising his children.

At 62, when asked his secrets to longevity and looking so great, he says “staying positive, creative, kind, and loving.” 

It’s clear, he’s fueled by a passion for helping people saying the ultimate “trick in life” is “creating a fortune and helping people and the world, with it.” 

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