Backstage Access: Streets of Laredo

The Brooklyn-by-way-of-New Zealand folk and indie band dropped their sophomore album

By The LifeMinute Team

October 25, 2016

The Brooklyn-by-way-of-New Zealand folk and indie band, Streets of Laredo dropped their sophomore album, Wild, on October 14 to sparkling reviews. “New York might not know it yet, but she has found herself quite a catch,” says Interview Magazine. Brothers Daniel and Dave Gibson took the time to shed some light on how the band members find their mojo.

A Perfect Blend

“We reign from Auckland, New Zealand. And as for our music, imagine a bowl of fruit on your kitchen table. You’re playing the record and you grab a bunch of fruit. Maybe you blend it up and you make a juice,” says Daniel Gibson, who handles vocals as well as the electric and acoustic guitar.

His brother Dave, drummer and backup vocalist chimes in. “Not an actual blender, the blender is a metaphor for something else. All different kinds of records. Bob Dylan records, Cat Stevens records. All this is Streets of Laredo.”

Band of Brothers

Being from the same family helps the brothers collaborate quickly and easily. “I’m close to this guy obviously so I kind of get those references and I’ll start singing something and it resonates with him. A lot of the time I’ll understand what he’s about really quickly,” says Dave.

Trusting The Universe

“While doing our second album, choosing to be a musician or choosing to be an artist is kind of an insane choice to be honest and I think most artists would agree. Zero security, ups and downs and it’s a lot to ask of the universe. Being happy with the choices we’ve made typifies what the whole record is about,” says Dave.

Keeping In Touch

“We are pretty active on Instagram and snapchat. We are fans of the old Facebook Live scenario. We’ve been enjoying it. If you type in Streets of Laredo you’ll find us on any of these platforms,” according to Daniel.

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