Behind The Band: Finish Ticket

The band of brothers and friends from the San Francisco Bay Area talk their tour and music

By The LifeMinute Team

March 28, 2016

Brendan Hoye, lead singer for the up-and-coming group Finish Ticket, uses his comparative youth to his advantage, freely admitting that his coming-of-age was the inspiration for the new single "Wrong" off the EP "When Night Becomes Day."

"For me personally the song is the most meaningful. We wrote it at a frustrating time, and the lyrics are a little more direct. It's specifically about growing up and you have all these expectations and ideas of what it will be like and no matter how much you've accomplished you don't feel quite there."

It's clear that his fan base agrees. "I think it's a song that a lot of people relate to, that a lot of people realize when they get to that age."

Family Affair

The band is a family affair consisting of Hoye's twin brother (bassist Michael) and another set of brothers. They met and started writing and performing in high school, taking a brief hiatus only to attend college.

"We all have various starts in music. Some of us went to high school and middle school together. We played in marching band, jazz band, and symphonic band." The result is that they appreciate their musical education, says member Alex Dinonato, who is careful to point out that "we play a lot of loud rock music and stuff."

A Tour Thing

"A lot of touring, that's the plan. We love touring and playing live shows. We put out the EP 'When Night Becomes Day' not too long ago so that's still a focus for us. We've been pushing it for a while," says Hoye, who adds, "We are just trying to put on the best show we can possibly put on for them. We have full lighting with us and more time to connect with the crowd I think. We still have most of the tour left."

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