Behind The Band: GoldFord

"Style Like You," is the new single from up-and-coming soul singer GoldFord

From the LifeMinute Team

December 10, 2015

We spoke to soul singer GoldFord about inspiration, secret muses and favorite touring mates.

The artist's soon-to-be-released single "Style Like You" was inspired by an intriguing, nameless girl who frequents the same coffee shop near his home in Nashville. "Every time she walks in the room reacts the same way. It's not necessarily what she's wearing, but the presence she brings to the room. Its like, wow. Nobody's got style like her. I wrote a song about it:"

I'm feeling as good as you look

Shining like a mood ring

I can hear you go ch-ching

Nobody's got style like you

Nobody's got style like you

When asked if she is aware of her effect on his music, the singer plays coy: She doesn't have to know, and I don't know if I'm going to tell her. It's pretty straightforward I think.

He is simiarly blas when it comes to talking about how he got his start. "I'm a late bloomer. I never thought I could play or sing. But when I was in college the bathroom had three shower stalls, so I would play in the shower and my roommates heard me. They said, "you don't suck" and "you can kind of sing." Next I did an open mic night and that was the first time I really performed. Doors kept opening and I put one foot in front of the other. I ended up in music."

When it comes to touring, he loves the constant traveling and comeraderie. The X Ambassadors were great. The Mowgli's and American Authors. It's great just bouncing around from coast to coast. Very cool.

And his best advice is to keep working. "Your best song is in front of you, so you have to stay committed to constantly creating. Just stay with it and you'll get there."

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