Behind The Band: JR JR

Detroit's favorite musical duo JR JR strikes gold with new self titled album

From the LifeMinute Team

December 15, 2015

We sat down to ask the Detroit-based duo how they feel about their new moniker, stellar reviews and worldwide touring plans.

How did the band get together?

While each was a member of a separate band in Detroit, Epstein heard Zott's solo album and just thought "it was so amazing that he was able to do something so great," says Epstein. The two got in touch and the rest is history.

On how they prepared for the new record?

First, their band is now called JR JR, which represents a change from the witty original name they used for six years prior, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr. Why the update? "When we first started out the original name it felt like it would allow us to have a band that made music with no limitations because it's such a ridiculous name," says member Joshua Epstein.

"But then the name started to become the expectation so we just needed to kick out the imaginary member that was Dale Earnheardt Jr. And so we just go on our own right now.

"The new album is called JR JR, after us," adding the other founding member Daniel Zott. We learned a lot before making this record. We did a mix tape, and we worked with different artists and wrote like twenty songs in two weeks," he explains.

Adds Zott: "With the new record I feel like I'm returning to being comfortable with singing the way I sang growing up, which is more showy in a way."

What should fans expect at a JR JR show?

"The equivalent of a birthday party," grins Epstein. "Be ready to be happy."

What's next for the band? "I think we're going to see the world a little bit, go play some shows in other countries, which should be fun," says Zott.

How to find more info on the guys?

"If you're ever in Detroit, we're probably around somewhere," they say. "Probably at Anita's eating Mediterranean."

Go to and also find the boys on Twitter and Instagram.

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