Behind The Band: Megan Davies

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Megan Davies
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Mashup master Megan Davies and her sister's musical styling have captivated millions both online and IRL

By The LifeMinute Team

May 18, 2016

We sat down with Nashville-based singer-songwriter Megan Davies to discuss her original take on recording music, musical collaboration with her sister Jaclyn and what it’s like to have over 90 million views and 810k subscribers.

First Mashup Moments

“The mashups kind of came about in a weird way. It was just my sister and I in my apartment having fun and playing songs. We said, ‘wouldn’t it be weird if we put one song on top and started to sing it at the same time’? For some songs it sounds really bad but we found some songs where it kind of worked. We thought it was kind of cool layering them kind of pulls your ears in different directions. So we did a video for one of them and that was our very first mashup, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons and Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. It got a lot of views and we were just amazed. People seemed to get it and think it was interesting too.”

Playing Favorites

“My favorite mash up? My sister and I over the years did a four song mashup of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis songs,which was a total passion project. This was purely because I like their record a lot and just thought it would be amazing to do. It was probably the hardest to arrange because it’s a lot of rapping so we wrote melodies to everything and work the songs in and out of each other and it was so fun to work on. I just love the song so much.”

Touring Time

“I quite my job last year so I’ve been touring a lot and playing original songs I haven’t released anywhere and just allowing them some more time with each tour. It’s hard to describe the feeling, honestly, because I was an online musician before I was able to tour. You see numbers and comments online but when you see it in front of you or you meet somebody who tells you how much a certain song meant to them it’s pretty indescribable. Just recently I’ve begun the process of going to the studio and recording original music which is really, really fun to release.”

Channeling Greatness

“I do the best work I can possibly do on my YouTube channel. I make all the videos myself and edit them and do all the recording and mixing and everything. To see that type of reaction, to see the numbers grow…it's pretty spectacular. All any creator wants is an audience. So to have that audience is incredible.”

Follow Megan on Twitter @meganadavies and YouTube at megandavies711.