Behind The Band: Vinyl Theatre

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Electrogram, Vinyl Theater
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The band's signature synthetic-based, alternative pop sound is showcased beautifully in their debut album

By The LifeMinute Team

April 29, 2016

“It’s kind of crazy that the three of us are playing in New York City. We’ve been together for nine years. We’ve only been a band for two. Nine years ago we were like, nah, that would never happen!” says Vinyl Theatre bandleader Keegan Calmes.

The Milwaukee-based band, who met in high school, released their eight-song debut, Electrogram in 2014, featuring a happy, energetic synthetic-based alternative pop sound.

On How They Met

“I met Keegan through cross country junior year, and I went to school with Nick,” says Chris Senner, who plays the keyboards. Nick Cesarz rounds out the band on drums.

On Taking It To the Next Level

“We have spent a lot of time on taking the time to learn to synchronize the lights. We have a lot of new gear so we can put on a real rock show. An opening act has to learn how to headline. Now we know how to do that with the lights and our stage presence,” says Calmes.

On Their Favorites

“I think the best song is Gold. It’s got existentialism, realizing that with this brevity of life you have to find your purpose. It doesn't sound as cliché as I do, that’s why I usually let the song do the talking,” Calmes says.

On What’s Next

We’re working on another record. We’re really excited. The label is pumped about a few songs. All the new songs are personal and accessible. Lately something feels real. I still like sampling, I still like the computer side of things. We love synthesizers. We also love feeling organic. We’re trying to find the balance,” Calmes says.

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