Dez Money Keeps Dad, Eddie Money’s Legacy Alive Focusing on Family and Music

The singer, songwriter, and producer drops his latest single “Give Me All You Got”

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

August 25, 2021

With two albums under his belt, and a third on the way, Dez Money explores new genres with the new single “Give Me All You Got” and it’s catchy and soulful. As the son of late ‘80s rock sensation, the iconic, Eddie Money, Dez was destined to be an artist.  It’s clear family and music are the driving forces behind the Money clan.

He pays homage to his father in the song’s video using sentimental elements such as the drums he played while on tour with his Dad and a guitar used in the “Two Tickets to Paradise” video. He also got his siblings involved; younger brother Julian playing drums and big sis Jesse, assistant directing.

We caught up with Dez virtually, from his home in California, last week to hear all about it.

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