Foghat’s Original Drummer Roger Earl on the Band’s 50th Anniversary Live Album, Touring, and What's Next for Them

The band celebrates five decades of rocking with the release of a CD/DVD/Vinyl performance from their 2019 live show at Daryl’s House Club

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

August 3, 2021

Formed in London in 1971, legendary rockers Foghat have stayed true to their iconic bluesy rock sound heard in hits “Slow Ride” and “I Just Want To Make Love To You.” The same songs that made them famous in the ‘70s have been recently featured on the game Guitar Hero III and the soundtrack for the HBO series Vinyl, capturing a whole new audience.

The multi-Platinum band is now celebrating their 50th anniversary by giving back to new and old fans alike with the release of a CD/DVD/Vinyl entitled 8 Days on the Road. It captures the band's 14-track performance recorded live from November 17, 2019, at Daryl’s House Club.

In addition to the new release, we had the pleasure to hear about the tour for the band's 14-track album from Roger Earl, the original drummer and only living founding member of the band, from his home on Long Island, NY. The British percussionist who is still hammering away after five decades shared with us how the band has persevered after all these years, even after the devastating loss of members "Lonesome" Dave Peverett in 2000, Rod Price in 2005, and Craig “Thunderfingers” MacGregor in 2018.

Earl is now back on tour with bandmates Charlie Huhn, Bryan Bassett, and Rodney O'Quinn and working on another studio album. Find tour dates at, and look for the band's new music in 2022.


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