King's X Makes Plan For New Music

The revered musical trio accepts its lack of commercial success for peer respect

By the LifeMinute Team

October 5, 2018

King's X is what you call a "bands' band" revered by musicians everywhere, if you go to see one of their shows, you're pretty much sure to be standing next to a member of another great band. The three piece group made up of dUg Pinnick, Jerry Gaskill and Ty Tabor, injects progressive metal, rock, funk, soul, gospel, blues and as front man singer-bassist, Pinnick tells us "everything but the kitchen sink" into their sound.

The spiritual nature of their lyrics in earlier albums, has often led to them being labeled a Christian rock band, which they vehemently reject. After creating music for more than 30 years, performing at Woodstock '94, and opening for several large acts such as AC/DC and Mtley Cre to name a few, the band has never seemed to gain the commercial recognition many say they deserved, however, if you truly know music most likely you join the likes of Robert Plant, Anthrax, Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament and others who revere King's X as one of their favorite bands. After 10 years, Pinnick told us they've just decided to get back into the studio for a new album, which will be released next year. We caught up with him at the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park for some scoop.

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