LA-based Punk Act The Regrettes Drop Their “Perfectly Imperfect” Album Feel Your Feelings, Fool!

The Regrettes front woman Lydia Night’s unabashed lyrics put her feelings on display

By The LifeMinute Team

April 3, 2017

Name Dropping

“I wanted to pick a name that represented the sound that was coming up when I was writing. I think the word regret is a negative word, obviously, and so it represents the darker side of music. But the ‘ettes’ at the end represents the cutesier, vintagey  feel too so it’s a good combo.” – Lydia Night, Frontwoman

Great Expectations

“The first single we came up with was Living Human Girl. We really wanted to shine a light on a lot of expectations that many young women have to face. People are super insecure, especially when they’re young. I wouldn’t know what it is like to be an adult so I don’t know what that feels like but high school gets really difficult.” – Lydia Night

Dear Diary

“Our album is called Feel Your Feelings fool! It’s a diary of everyone’s life but mostly Lydia’s life.” – Sage Nicole, Bass

Cool School

“Lydia is homeschooled and I go to high school. It’s a very sporty school so when I was telling them about the tour and music and stuff you wouldn’t expect them to understand, but they are really supportive. You just have to talk to your teachers and keep up with work.” – Maxx Morando, Drummer

Living Large

“At our live shows you can expect a lot of energy and dancing and partying.” – Maxx Morando

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