A LifeMinute with American Treasure, Singer-Songwriter, Actor, and Author, Pat Boone

The legend is releasing a new single called "Grits" and a full-length country album with 25 all-time favorite country classics

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

July 6, 2023

At 89 years young, singer, actor, songwriter, and author Pat Boone just released a brand-new single called "Grits" and is gearing up to drop a full-length country project this summer with 25 all-time favorite country classics.  

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of his career in showbiz, this legend is more active than ever. He has his own weekly SiriusXM radio show, The Pat Boone Hour, and has released his 28th book, IF: The Eternal Choice We All Must Make.

Boone's recording career includes nearly 50 million records sold, rates #6 among artists with the most consecutive Top 10 hits, among the Top 10 with the most Top 40 hits, and Top 16 with the most No. 1 hits - a testament to his incredible talent and impact on the music industry. He Zoomed in remotely earlier last month to tell us all about it.

This is a LifeMinute with Pat Boone.

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