A LifeMinute with Kool & The Gang Founding Member Robert “Kool” Bell

The star talks about his legacy in the biz, new music, his charity, and the launch of his very own champagne brand

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

May 20, 2022

Musician, singer, songwriter, and all-around Pop R&B legend Robert “Kool” Bell stepped onto the scene more than 50 years ago as one of the founding members of the Grammy-winning group Kool & the Gang.

Their feel-good hits “Celebration,” “Cherish,” “Jungle Boogie,” “Get Down On It,” “Ladies Night,” and many more made them the most sampled band of all time, influencing the music of generations.

We had the honor of sitting down with Kool virtually to reminisce about their historic hits, hear about his decades in the biz going way back to when he got his iconic nickname. The star also filled us in on what he has been up to including working with his Kool Kids Foundation, his new music with his son Hakim, his champagne brand LE Kool champagne and recently commemorating the 40th anniversary of the band’s #1 hit “Celebration.”

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