Paper Route Sounds off On and Sings Something from New Album Real Emotion

The Alt-rockers talk their new full-length album and what to expect from their national tour

By The LifeMinute Team

February 27, 2017

Nashville-based trio, Paper Route kick off a national tour alongside K. Flay this Saturday in Las Vegas. Before the band members set out, Nick, JT and Chad sat down with us to chat about their music and even play us a little. 

The music
“There was definitely a scene, alternative rock to indie rock. We’ve always kind of pushed against things a little but by the time that people found us it then seems like we were following the next scene.” - JT Daly, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion

The new album
“We have a new album called Real Emotion. We spent two years making the album and then you try to release it, then you think maybe we can write another song.” - Daly

Writing a good song
“I think with a lot of hard work you can write a good song but I think it takes a lot of luck to get that great song. It’s a lot more exciting for us when it feels like we discovered something so we want to be inspired and surprised ourselves.” - Chad Howat, bass, piano, programming

In concert
“When you come to a live show of ours we try to treat every single stage like it’s the biggest arena of all time basically.” - Howat

“You have to really go for it in order to warrant someone’s attention. You got to mean it.” - Daly

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