Songwriter, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist Alain Johannes Taps Acclaimed Filmmaker Liam Lynch to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary and Vinyl Release of His Legendary LA Band Eleven's Final Album, Howling Book 

Johannes says he let Lynch choose the song he wanted to create 

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January 10, 2024

Legendary LA band Eleven (Alain Johannes, the late Natasha Shneider, and drummer Jack Irons (RHCP, Pearl Jam) have released a special two-fold vinyl edition of their last studio-recorded album, Howling Book, to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Wanting to "create something really special" and not having any videos since the early 90s, Johannes says he tapped longtime friend and colleague, acclaimed filmmaker (Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, No Doubt videos) and musician himself ("United States of Whatever") Liam Lynch to create one of his masterpieces for a song on the album, which he let Lynch choose. His pick is "No, I Know," and he's crafted a poignant, powerful, spiritual, and philosophical visual depiction of this beautiful piece of music that's only accentuated by Natasha Shneider's hauntingly beautiful, make you want to cry at the drop of a hat voice that's singing it.

Johannes says he is overwhelmed by Lynch's piece of art. "I was so curious, and he basically personified the song visually, as I could never have imagined...there's such incredible, intense, heavy beauty in the end result. You can also sense him as the filmmaker and protagonist."


The video premieres here  on January 11, 2024, at 11:11 am PST, the exact time of Natasha's passing in 2008.


Howling Book is Eleven's final studio recording and the band's fifth full-length. For an extra-special bonus, the vinyl includes three previously unreleased *tracks.


Johannes says he's excited for people to hear it on vinyl for the first time because it sounds amazing.

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A1 Show Me Something 
A2 Flow Like a River 
A3 Simple Kiss 
A4 You're My Diamond 
B1 Kill Me No More 
B2 Now is the Word 
B3 Howling Book 
B4 All My Friends 
C1 Three Voices 
C2 Hidden 
C3 No, I Know 
C4 I Will Drink It All 
D1 This Little Finger * 
D2 Don't Get Me Down * 
D3 Rosebleed *

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