Monday, Jun 21 2010
The first and only silicone hydrogel one-day contact lens in the U.S has been granted clearance by the FDA.
Wednesday, May 5 2010
Dr. Jeanine Downies tells us about Aveeno and the Skin Cancer Foundation's travels across the country.
Monday, Dec 28 2009
Friday, Dec 18 2009
'Tis the season for New Year's resolutions and this year getting healthy and getting fit, top the list.
Friday, Nov 13 2009
Dr. Philip Tierney from NYU says you can find the simplest, cheapest flu busters right in your own home!
Wednesday, Oct 28 2009
Promising news for treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA).
Monday, Jun 1 2009
Lucy Danziger, Editor in Chief of SELF joins forces with Neutrogena to educate on how to take charge of skin health.
Tuesday, May 26 2009
Children's self perceptions improve more with contact lenses than with glasses. Optometrist, Dr. Jeffrey J. Walline and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. …more
Monday, Apr 20 2009
Don't be caught unaware this allergy season! We give you some tips to help you though it.
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