Pretty much a disappointment for this die hard Cornell lover, but even these Poppy synthesizers, organs and electric drums, can't kill the amazing …more
Mariah Carey evokes strong emotion. Many people have a hard time separating Mariah the tabloid target with Mariah the singer. The fact is, she is one …more
by Bones Butler. At The Cat's Cradle, 1992. MVDaud
With his latest effort, Scott Weiland has pretty much exactly picked up where he left off with his first solo release from ten years ago, 12 Bar …more
by Christopher Blaise Zotti. There are many phases of Bruce Springsteen's career.
Strugglers Label: Doghouse Records
Break Up the Concrete Label: Shangri-La Music Release Date: Octo
"Little Honey" is Lucinda Williams' best album since her 1998 masterpiece "Car Wheels On a Gravel Road" and her fans will know that that is saying …more
Death Magnetic. Label: Warner Bros. Records. Release Date: Sept
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